McLuhan and the global village has led to the emergence of new technologies

These new technologies speed up development, and it also raises the level of education in many countries. Due to McLuhan theory of the global village, people can learn about different cultures and foreign languages. Learning foreign languages helps a person to learn how to follow basic instructions. For example, one can learn how to operate different machines which are imported from foreign countries.

The global village has led to improvement in health care

Due to technology new methods and equipment for treating patients can be accessed easily.

Due to globalization, it has become easy to get information

Developing countries can easily share information with the countries which are already ahead. This in return helps most countries to grow together, and they can access information from anywhere.

Cultural exchange can now be done quickly.

Every country can now learn the culture of the other country in an easy way, and this will pave the way for tolerance and openness.

Globalization has helped developing countries

to obtain high rates in economic growth and reduce the number of people who are living in poverty.  For example, due to globalization, there has been a significant economic change in countries like India and China.

McLuhan theory of the world is a global village has come to pass, and people have seen it improve through the exchange of culture.
People have also learned different cultures through online platforms, businesses have expanded and gained profit since the world has become McLuhan global village.