Where To Travel In Myanmar In March

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Visit Myanmar

Myanmar is a great destination for those looking for an amazing holiday experience with some of the best natural scenery and stunning beaches. November to April is the peak time for travelers to travel to Myanmar, when the weather is at its most pleasant and the temperatures are mild enough to suit even the coldest of travelers. March to June is when the weather becomes warmer, and the high mountains and valleys become the perfect environment for exploring the numerous sites in this beautiful country.


Where to travel in Myanmar in March? If you are considering going to Myanmar in March, then you may wish to consider booking a holiday package, which includes accommodation and tours during the monsoon season. There is so much to see and do that you should be able to visit all of the main sights without feeling crowded. However, if you are taking your family with you, then you may wish to consider booking a holiday package where your children can take part in activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, and kayaking.

Learn about popular tourist attractions

Some of the most popular tourist attractions during this time include Yangon, the city of ancient temples and other historical sites, the largest city in Myanmar, and Rakhine State, the largest state in Burma and a state that has gained a great deal of notoriety over recent years due to its violent conflict. The most famous tourist attraction during this time of the year is Mount Myitkyina, the highest mountain in Myanmar, which rises to a height of 4200m above sea level. Other attractions of note include Kyaw Lwin, the world’s third-highest hill, and the ‘City of Lakes’, a popular place for bird-watching and fishing.

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If you are on a budget, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find some high-quality accommodation in Myanmar at a reasonable price. Although the hotels in Myanmar are generally expensive, the good ones can be very reasonable value for money, with many of the larger hotels offering excellent value for money in terms of service, good facilities and good customer service. In addition to offering good value for money, there is always the possibility that you may find a private villa to rent or even a luxury apartment in an area of interest.
There are also some very popular locations of interest, such as the National Museum, the Buddhist Temple, and Chaweng Lake, all of which are worth visiting during the month of March. Many of the more popular places of interest, such as the Chaweng Lake, Dusit, Ranthambore, Sittwe, Maungdaw, and Anek, are well-known for their natural beauty and are ideal areas for photography.


It is possible to obtain an e-visa to Myanmar from the electronic visa agency that offers this service to all eligible travelers wishing to visit the country without a visa. It is also possible to apply for an e-visa online.
An electronic visa is a different document than a regular visa. The greatest facilitation in the case of e-visa is the fact that you don’t have to visit the embassy in order to apply. How is that possible? To apply for e-visa to Myanmar, all you need is a stable internet connection and web browser because it is an online process.

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Płatność, Internet

Once your document is approved, you will receive your e-visa in an e-mail. Carry a print out of your e-visa and carry it with you at the airport along with your passport. Usually, the processing time takes up to 72 business hours.
An electronic visa is a perfect travel authorization for holidays and business-related events. The application online is effortless and cheap.

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